12th November

During the Battle of Posada, on 12th November, 1330 Wallachian Voievode Basarab I defeated the Hungarian military by ambush. The Battle of Posada started on 9th November, 1330. This war occurred between and Charles I of Hungary Basarab I of Wallachia. The small Wallachian soldiers commanded by Basarab. It was formed of mounted troops and foot archers together, as well as local peasants, accomplished to ambush and overthrow the 30,000-strong Hungarian army, in a high region near the boundary between Severin and Oltenia. This battle ended on 12th November, 1330. Basarab I is also called as Basarab the Founder. In the first half of the 14th century, this was a voivode, and the first sovereign ruler of Wallachia who lived. Though his name is of Turkic source, 14th-century sources solidly state that he was a Vlach. According to 2 widespread theories, he prospered either his father, Thocomerius, or the mythical founder of Wallachia, Radu Negru.

Jean Sylvain Bailly, the first Mayor of Paris was beheaded on 12th November, 1793. Jean Sylvain Bailly was a key person. He was a famous French mathematician, astronomer, freemason, and a popular political leader of the primary part of the French Rebellion. He controlled over the Tennis Court Oath. He served as the mayor of Paris from the year 1789 to year 1791, and was finally guillotined through the Reign of Terror. A guillotine is a device what was designed and developed for professionally resounding out applications by beheading. The device contains of a tall, upright frame in which a biased and angled blade is elevated to the top and suspended.

King George I of Greece made a ceremonial entrance into Thessaloniki on 12th November, 1912 after its freedom from 482 years of Ottoman regulation. George I was a popular King of Greece. He served from the year 1863 until his murder in the year 1913. George was born in Copenhagen formerly a Danish prince and he appeared ordained for a career in the Royal Danish Fleet. At the joining time as a king, he was just 17 years old. He was selected by the Greek National Assembly, which had overthrew the hated former king Otto. His proposal was both suggested and maintained by the Great Powers: Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Second French Territory and the Russian Empire. Thessaloniki is also recognized as Thessalonica or Salonica. It is the 2nd largest city in Greece and the capital of Macedonia, the directorial area of Central Macedonia and the Decentralized Administration of Thrace and Macedonia.

On 12th November, 1918, Austria became a republic. The First Austrian Republic was formed after the ratification of the Contract of Saint-Germain-en-Laye on 10th September, 1919—the settlement held after the culmination of the First World War which over the Habsburg rump state of Republic of German-Austria. This ended with the formation of the Austrofascist Federal State of Austria founded upon a dictatorship of Engelbert Dollfuss and the Fatherland’s Front in the year 1934. The Republic’s constitution was passed in 1st October, 1920 and amended on 7th December, 1929. The republican time was progressively noticeable by fierce conflict between those with left-wing and right-wing views, leading to the Austrian Civil War of 1934 and the July Revolt of 1927.

On 12th November, 1920, Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes signed the Agreement of Rapallo. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a state what is located in Central Europe and Southeast Europe, that occurred in the interwar time and first half of Second World War II. This was developed in the year 1918 by the union of the temporary State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs with the previously sovereign Kingdom of Serbia. The Empire of Montenegro had united with Serbia 5 days formerly, while the areas of Vojvodina, Kosovo and Vardar Macedonia were portions of Serbia prior to the union. The Contract of Rapallo was an agreement what made between the Kingdom of Serbs and the Kingdom of Italy, Croats and Slovenes. This signed to resolve the argument over some terrains in the previous Austrian Littoral in the upper Adriatic, and in Dalmatia. These lands had an culturally varied population, with Croats and Slovenes comprising over the half of the populace of the area. The objective of the Agreement of Rapallo was to discover a negotiation following the cancelled formed by the non-application of the London pact of the year 1915.

On 12th November, 1936, the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge opened to traffic in California. The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge or the Bay Bridge is a complex of bridges what straddling San Francisco Bay in California. As part of Regional 80 and the direct road between Oakland and San Francisco, this conveys around 260,000 automobiles a day on its two levels. It was built by American Bridge Company and opened on 12th November, 1936, 6 months before the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1986 the bridge was informally devoted to James Rolph.

During the Second World War II, on 12th November, 1941, The Soviet cruiser Chervona Ukraina was demolished in the Battle of Sevastopol. Chervona Ukraina was an Admiral Nakhimov-class light vessel of the Soviet Navy. This was allocated to the Black Sea Navy. During Second World War, she maintained Soviet forces through Sevastopol and the Sieges of Odessa before being sunk at Sevastopol on 12th November of the year 1941 by German aircraft. She was elevated in the year 1947. This was used as a training hulk before flattering a target ship in the year 1950. The Siege of Sevastopol is also called as the Battle of Sevastopol and the Defense of Sevastopol was a armed combat that held on the Eastern Front of the Second World War. The movement was clashed by the Axis powers of Romania, Germany and Italy against the Soviet Union for control of Sevastopol, a port in the Crimea on the Black Sea.

On 12th November, 1975, The Comoros joined the United Nations. The Comoros is formally called the Union of the Comoros. This is an independent archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean what situated at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa between northwestern Madagascar and northeastern Mozambique.

Tim Berners-Lee published a formal suggestion for the World Wide Web on 12th November, 1990. Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee is also familiar as TimBL. He is a popular computer scientist and engineer. He is the best recognized as the discoverer of the World Wide Web. He made an offer for an information management system in 1989 and he realized the 1st positive communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the internet in mid-November the same year.


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