15th October

The Edison Electric Light Company started operation on 15th October, 1878. General Electric is a recognized American multinational business corporation incorporated in New York. The headquarter of this corporation is in Boston, Massachusetts. As of the year 2016, the company functions through the following segments: Aviation, Digital, Current, Energy Connections, Global Research, Lighting, Oil, Healthcare and Gas, Power, Transportation, Renewable Energy, and Capital which cater to the needs of Financial services, Medical devices, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Engineering industries and Software Development.

During the event of Dreyfus affair, on 15th October, 1894, Alfred Dreyfus was detained for spying. The Dreyfus Affair was a political scandal and it was the cause of divination of the Third French Republic from the year 1894 until its resolve in the year 1906. The affair is often found as a modern and universal symbol of unfairness, and it remains one of the most prominent samples of a compound miscarriage of justice. The important role played by the public and press opinion that proved very powerful in the lasting social conflict. Alfred Dreyfus was a French Jewish weaponry officer. His experimental and belief in the year 1894 on custodies of treachery developed one of the most anxious political dramas in current French history with a wide reverberation in all Europe. It is known today as the Dreyfus matter, the incident finally finished with Dreyfus’s complete release.

Tata Airlines what was renamed Air India and it made its first flight on 15th October, 1932. Air India is the recognized flag carrier airline of India. This is owned several parties like a government-owned enterprise, Air India Limited and operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft serving 90 domestic and international terminuses. The airline has its hub and it is in the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, alongside numerous focus cities crosswise India. The airline formed the 27th member of Star Alliance on 11th July 2014.

The New York Municipal Airport what was later renamed LaGuardia Airport was dedicated on 15th October, 1939. LaGuardia Airport is an airport in the northern part of the New York City region of Queens in the United States. It is on the Bowery Bays in East Elmhurst and waterfront of Flushing and boundaries the adjacent areas of Jackson and Astoria Heights. The airport is the 3rd busiest airport what serving its best to New York City, and the 20th busiest in the United States. LaGuardia Airport covers 680 acres.

On 15th October, 1953 British nuclear test Totem 1 was exploded at Emu Field, South Australia. Nuclear weapons tests are trials what approved out to control the yield, efficiency and hotheaded ability of nuclear weapons. During the 20th century, most countries that formed nuclear weapons tested them. Testing nuclear weapons is a way to know the weapons work well or not as well as how the weapons works under different conditions and how structures, personnel and gear behave when subjected to nuclear explosions. Nuclear testing has often been used as an pointer of scientific and equipment strength, and several tests and experiments have been flexibly political in their resolution.

On 15th October, 1966, the Black Panther Party was created by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The Black Panther Party or the BPP is also called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. This was a radical black nationalist and collective organization what developed by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in October of the year 1966. The party was vigorous in the United States from the year 1966 until the year 1982, with worldwide chapters operating in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, and in Algeria from the year 1969 to year 1972. Huey Percy Newton was an African-American political activist and revolutionary who, along with Bobby Seale, co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966. He continued to follow an education, finally earning a Ph.D. in social philosophy. He was murdered in Oakland, California In 1989. Robert George “Bobby” Seale is an American recognized political activist. He and associated activist Huey P. Newton co-founded the Black Panther Party.

During the Vietnam War, on 15th October, 1969, The Moratorium to Conclude the war in Vietnam was held in Washington D.C. and crossways the US. More than 2 million validate nationwide; around 250,000 in Washington D.C.. The Moratorium to Conclude the war in Vietnam what was an enormous demonstration and teach-in across the United States in contradiction of the United States participation in the Vietnam War. This occurred on 15th October, 1969 and followed after a month by a large Moratorium March on Washington.

On 15th October, 1989, Wayne Gretzky became the all-time leading points scorer in the NHL. Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC is a Canadian past professional ice hockey player and he was a head coach. He also played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League for 4 teams from the year 1979 to year 1999. He was called by Nickname “The Great One”. He was familiar as “the greatest hockey player ever” by many players, sportswriters and the league itself. The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league what presently containing 31 teams: 24 in the United States and 7 in Canada. The Headquarter of this group is located in New York City. The Stanley Cup, the oldest particular sports award in North America what is awarded annually to the league final winner at the finish of individual season.

NASA’s Galileo spacecraft passed within 112 miles of Jupiter’s moon Io on 15th October, 2001. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an autonomous agency of the managerial branch of the United States federal government what is accountable for the citizen space program and aeronautics and atmosphere study and research. Galileo was an American spacecraft what studied the planet Jupiter and its moons and some other Solar System bodies. It was named after the astronomer Galileo Galilei, it consisted of an orbiter and entry probe. It was launched on October 18, 1989, carried by Space Shuttle Atlantis, on the STS-34 mission. It started the 1st probe into Jupiter what straightly calculating its atmosphere. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and it is one the largest planet in the Solar System.

The 2011 Global Protests occurred on 15th October, 2011. The 15 October 2011 global complaints were part of a series of complaints what stimulated by the Arab Spring, the Icelandic Rebellion, the Portuguese, the Greek Protests, and the Occupy movement. The protests were started under the slogan “United for #GlobalChange”, to which the slogan “United for Global Democracy” was included by many people’s meetings.

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