16th October

Jadwiga was crowned King of Poland on 16th October, 1384. She was a woman. Jadwiga was familiar name and she was called Hedwig. She was the first female ruler of the Empire of Poland, governing from 16th October 1384 until her demise. She was the youngest daughter of Louis the Great who was a King of Hungary and Poland, and his wife Elizabeth of Bosnia. Jadwiga was a key member of the Capetian House of Anjou, but she had more close descents among the Polish Piasts. In the year 1997 she was sanctified by the Roman Catholic Church. Poland was governed at numerous times either by dukes or by kings. During the latter time, a tradition of free election of royals made it a exclusively choose able position in Europe.

On 16th October, 1793, The Battle of Wattignies ended in a French victory. The Battle of Wattignies saw a Democrat French military and it was commanded by Jean-Baptiste Jourdan occurrence an Alliance military controlled by Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Two days later of battle Jourdan’s military forced the Habsburg Austrian cover power controlled by François Sébastien Charles Joseph de Croix, Count of Clerfayt to extract. The battle of the 1st Union conquest permitted the French to promote the Siege of Maubeuge. The village was renamed and called Wattignies-la-Victoire in honor of the important achievement. It was situated 9 kilometers southeast of Maubeuge.

Queen’s University was created in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on 16th October, 1841. Queen’s University at Kingston is also called Queen’s University or Queen’s. It is a public research university what is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This is founded on 16th October 1841 via an imperial charter distributed by Queen Victoria, the university precedes Canada’s formation by 26 years. Queen’s holds over 1,400 hectares of land through Ontario and possesses Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England. Queen’s is prepared into 10 professional, graduate and undergraduate faculties and schools. Kingston is a city in eastern Ontario, Canada. The Thousand Islands tourist region is close to the east. Kingston is also familiar by the “Limestone City” since of the many heritage buildings built by using local limestone.

On 16th October, 1859, John Brown leads a raid on Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. John Brown (was an American recognized person. He was familiar as an abolitionist who advocated and believed that armed insurgence was the individual process to revolution the institution of slavery in the United States. Brown was first person who gained attention when he ran small groups of helpers through the Bleeding Kansas crisis of the year 1856. During the Kansas campaign, Brown ordered forces at the war of the Battle of Osawatomie and Black Jack. John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry or John Brown’s raid or The raid on Harper’s Ferry was an attempt by armed opponent John Brown to pledge an armed slave revolt in the year 1859 by taking over a United States cache at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Harpers Ferry is a historic city in Jefferson County, West Virginia, United States. It was officially spelled Harper’s Ferry with an apostrophe and that form lasts to seem in some situations.

The Cardiff Giant was one of the most famous American hoaxes and it was “discovered” on 16th October,1869. The Cardiff Giant was very familiar as one of the most famed hoaxes what was located in American history. It was a 10-foot-tall supposed “petrified man” uncovered on 16th October, 1869, by workers excavating a well overdue the barn of William C. “Stub” Newell in Cardiff, New York. Both it and an unlawful copy made by P.T. Barnum were still being exhibited.

On 16th October, 1869, Girton College, Cambridge was founded what becoming England’s 1st residential college for women. Girton College is familiar as one of the 31 constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge. The college was founded in the year 1869 by Emily Davies, Barbara Bodichon and Lady Stanley of Alderley as a college for women. In the year 1976, Girton was Cambridge university’s 1st women’s college to develop coeducational. The major college site what is situated on the outskirts of the village of Girton. It provided widespread sports facilities, an award-winning library, an indoor swimming pool and a chapel with 2 organs.

Brigham Young University was founded in Provo, Utah on 16th October, 1875. Brigham Young University is sometimes called to colloquially as The Y. This University is a private research university what is situated in Provo, Utah, United States. It is possessed and run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and without online students. This is the largest religious university and the 3rd largest private university in the United States. It has around 33,363 on-campus students. Provo is the 3rd largest city in the U.S. state of Utah. It is situated 43 miles south of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front.

The Nickel Plate Railroad opened for business on 16th October, 1882.
The New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad abbreviated NYC&St.L, was a railroad that operated in the mid-central United States. Commonly referred to as the Nickel Plate Road, the railroad served a large area, including trackage in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Its primary connections included Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Toledo.

On 16th October, 1905, The Partition of Bengal in India took place. The decision to effect the Partition of Bengal was publicized in 7th July 1905 by the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. The partition held on 16th October 1905 and detached the mainly Muslim eastern zones from the mostly Hindu western areas. The Hindus of West Bengal who were conquered Bengal’s business and rural life criticized that the division would make them a underground in a area that would join the field of Bihar and Orissa.

The Holocaust in Poland, on 16th October, 1940, The Warsaw Ghetto was established. The Holocaust in German engaged Poland was the last and the most deadly stage of the Nazi “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” noticeable by the structure of demise camps on German-occupied Polish soil. The genocide officially authorized and implemented by the 3rd Reich in World War II, equally recognized as the Holocaust, took the lives over 3 million Polish Jews. The Warsaw Ghetto was the major of all the Jewish ghettos in Nazi what engaged Europe in World War II. It was recognized by the Nazi German establishments in the Muranów district of the Polish capital what held between October and November of the year 1940. The death toll among the Jewish populations of the Ghetto was assessed to be minimum 300,000 murdered by bullet or gas what combined with 92,000 victims of widespread hunger and hunger-related sicknesses, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and the wounded of the final annihilation of the Ghetto.

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