22nd December

Pope Innocent I was elected on 22nd December, 401. Pope Innocent I served as the Pope of the Catholic Church. He served as a pope from the year 401 until his death in the year 417. From the commencement of his papacy, he was as the worldwide authority of church disputes in both the West and the East. He ensured that the privileges of the Archbishop of Thessalonica, and approved a decretal on corrective matters denoted to him by the Bishop of Rouen. He defended the exiled John Chrysostom and referred with the bishops of Africa about the Pelagian disagreement, authorizing the choices of the African synods. Johann Peter Kirsch defined Cleared as a very active and highly skilled individual, “…who fulfilled admirably the duties of his office”.

On 22nd December, 609, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam claimed to accept his 1st revelation. Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is the last prophet and founder of Islam. According to Islamic principle, he was the last Messenger of Allah (God). Allah sent and appoint him to confirm the important teachings of monotheism preached formerly by Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and other prophets. Waḥy is the Arabic word for exposure. In Islam, revelations are God’s Word what transported by his selected persons – recognized as Messenger prophets – to mankind. In Islam, the Quran is measured a wahy given to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

Stephen of Blois became a King of England on 22nd December, 1135. Stephen is also called Stephen of Blois. He was a King of England and he served from the year 1135 to end of his life as well as Count of Boulogne from the year 1125 until the year 1147 and Duke of Normandy from the year 1135 until year 1144. Stephen’s sovereignty was very obvious by the Anarchy, a civil war with his cousin and rival, the Ruler Matilda. He was succeeded by Matilda’s son, Henry II, the 1st of the Angevin kings. Stephen was born in a County of Blois what is located in central France; his father was Count Stephen-Henry who died while Stephen was very young. He was brought up by his mother, Adela who was a daughter of William the Conqueror.

Bucaramanga, Colombia was developed on 22nd December, 1622. Bucaramanga is the largest city of the department of Santander, Colombia. It is also a capital of Colombia. It has the 5th largest economy by the high GDP in Colombia. This has the lowest unemployment rate and has the 9th largest population in the country, with 521,857 people.

During the Sino-Burmese War, on 22nd December, 1769, The war ended with an anxious truce. The Sino-Burmese War is also called as the Myanmar movement of the Qing dynasty or the Qing invasions of Burma. This was a battle what held between the Konbaung dynasty of Burma or Myanmar and the Qing dynasty of China. China under the Qianlong Sovereign threw four attacked of Burma between the years 1765 and 1769, which were measured as one of his Ten Great Movements. Burma’s fruitful protection laid the basis for the present-day boundary between these 2 countries.

On 22nd December, 1851, India’s first freight train was managed in Roorkee, India. Rail freight transport is the use of trains and railroads to carriage cargo as opposite to human passengers. A freight train or goods train is a group of freight cars or goods wagons dragged by one or more trains on a railway, transporting cargo all or some of the way between the envisioned destination and the shipper as part of the logistics chain. Roorkee is a city in north India. It is situated in Uttarakhand. This is spread over a flat territory with the Himalayas to the east and north-east.

Savannah, Georgia fall to the military forces of General Sherman on 22nd December, 1864. Savannah is the ancient city what is located in the U.S. state of Georgia. This is the county seat of Chatham County. It was established in the year 1733 on the Savannah River. The city of Savannah became the British colonial capital of the Area of Georgia and later it became the first state capital of Georgia. William Tecumseh Sherman was a recognized American businessman, soldier, author and educator. He also served as a general in the Union Army through the American Civil War. It was for which he established gratitude for his unresolved command of army policy and censure for the harshness of the “scorched earth” policies he applied in leading total battle against the United States.

The Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic in New York City on 22nd December, 1937. The Lincoln Tunnel is an about 1.5-mile-long and it set of 3-tunnel under the Hudson River what connecting New Jersey, Weehawken and Midtown Manhattan in New York City. An essential channel within the New York City Area, this was planned by Norwegian-born civil engineer Ole Singstad and called after U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

During the Second World War, on 22nd December, 1940, Himara was arrested by the Greek army. Himara or Himarë is a bilingual region. It is also a municipality what is located in southern Albania. It is also a part of Vlorë County. This lies between the Ionian Sea and the Ceraunian Mountains. It is a part of the Albanian Riviera. The area contains of the city of Himarë and the villages of Dhërmi, Kudhës, Pilur, Qeparo, Ilias, Vuno and Palasë. The area of Himara is mainly inhabited by an ethnic Greek community.
On 22nd December, 1951, The Selangor Labour Party was originated in Selangor, Malaya. Selangor is named Arabic honorific Darul Ehsan. This is also called “Abode of Sincerity”. It is one of the 13-state of Malaysia. This is on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is surrounded by Perak to the north, Negeri Sembilan to the south, Pahang to the east and the Strait of Malacca to the west. Surroundings of Selangor are the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, both of which were beforehand part of Selangor.

Lech Wałęsa was selected President of Poland on 22nd December, 1990. Lech Wałęsa is a labor activist and retired Polish politician. He co-founded and headed Solidarity, the Soviet bloc’s 1st autonomous trade union, won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1983, and assisted as President of Poland from the year 1990 to year 1995. The President of the Republic of Poland is the head of state of Poland.

On 22nd December, 2016, Syrian government forces retook controller of the overcome areas of Aleppo. The Aleppo offensive is also named Operation Dawn of Victory by government forces. This was very fruitful armed offensive and it started by the Syrian Armed Forces and associated groups against rebel-held districts in Aleppo.

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