25th November

Elizabeth of York was crowned as a Queen of England on 25th November, 1487. Elizabeth of York was born on 11th February 1466. She was queen ensemble of England from the year 1486 until her death. She was a wife of Henry VII and that was why, she was the 1st Tudor queen. She was also a daughter of Edward IV and she was a niece of Richard III. She wedded the king who was following Henry’s victory at the war of Bosworth which begun the last stage of the Battles of the Roses. King Henry VIII was her son. Therefore, she was the daughter, sister, wife, niece, mother, and grandmother of consecutive kings and queens of England. She died on 11th February 1503.

On 25th November, 1667, a deadly earthquake rocks Shemakha occurred in the Caucasus and 80,000 people were killed in this accident. The 1667 Shamakhi was a serious earthquake what held on 25th November 1667 with an epicenter near the city of Shamakhi, Azerbaijan. This had an assessed surface wave rector scale of 6.9 and a supreme felt intensity of X on the Mercalli strength scale. Şamaxı is also called Shamakhi. It is a city in and the capital of the Shamakhi Rayon of Azerbaijan. The city has a rich inheritance. It has provided the backdrop to main political events through much of its 2 millennia of being. The Caucasus is an area what is located at the boundary of Europe and Asia, located the Caspian Sea and between the Black Sea.

During the American Revolutionary War, on 25th November, 1783, The last British militaries left New York City 3 months after the validation of the Agreement of Paris. The American Revolutionary War started in 1775 and ended in 1783. This was also called as the American War of Independence. This was an international battle what began as a war between Great Britain and her 13-Colonie, which stated liberation as the United States of America. After the end of the American Revolutionary War, Evacuation Day held on November 25 and this marked the day in the year 1783 when British military departed from New York City on Manhattan Island. The Treaty of Paris made in Paris by the representatives of the United States of America and representatives of King George III of Great Britain. It held on 3rd September, 1783. This ended in the American Revolutionary War.

On 25th November, 1905, Prince Carl of Denmark arrived in Norway to be a King Haakon VII of Norway. Haakon VII was called as Prince Carl of Denmark until the year 1905. He was a Danish prince who was familiar and became the 1st king of Norway after the year 1905 closure of the union with Sweden. He governed from November 1905 until end of his life in September 1957. As one of the few designated royals, Haakon rapidly won the admiration and liking of his people. He played an essential role in uniting the Norwegian nation in its confrontation to the German attack and subsequent 5 years long profession of his country in Second World War.
The deadliest November tornado outbreak in U.S. history killed 76 people and injured over 400 people on 25th November, 1926. Many tornados held in USA many times and there are huge list of tornados. On 25th November, 1926, the lethal tornado killed many people and many people injured. Many properties were destroyed fully.

On 25th November, 1941, HMS Barham was sunk by a German torpedo during the Second World War.
HMS Barham was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship built for the Royal Navy during the early 1910s. Often used as a flagship, she participated in the Battle of Jutland during the First World War as part of the Grand Fleet. For the rest of the First World War, except for the inconclusive Action of 19 August 1916, her service during the war generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea.

During the second World War, on 25th November, 1943, Herzegovina and Statehood of Bosnia were re-established at the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also sometimes named Bosnia-Herzegovina. This is often called casually as Bosnia and it is a country in Southeastern Europe what is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was designed as the highest governing structure of the anti-fascist movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and through the Second World War developed to be carrier of Bosnian statehood. Its president was Vojislav Kovačević.

The Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic were murdered on 25th November, 1960. The Mirabal Sisters were 4 Dominican sisters who opposite of the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo were involved in clandestine actions against his government. On 25th November 1960, 3 of these sisters were murdered. The assassinations turned the Mirabal sisters into “symbols of both popular and feminist resistance”. The Dominican Republic is a popular country what is located in the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region.

President Kennedy was buried in Washington D.C.. on 25th November, 1963. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was called to by his initials JFK. He was an American statesman and served as the 35th President of the United States from the year 1961 until his death through assassination in November 1963. Kennedy worked at the height of the Cold War, and much of his presidency attending on dealing relations with the Soviet Union. He was also a member of the Democratic Party who represented Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate previous to be a president. Washington, D.C. is also called the District of Columbia. It is commonly known as “the District”, Washington” or simply “D.C.”, is the capital of the United States.

Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in Fort Worth, TX on 25th November, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was an American former U.S. Marine and Marxist. He killed United States President John F. Kennedy on 22nd November, 1963. According to 4 federal government inquiries and one municipal examination, Oswald shot and murdered Kennedy from a sniper’s nest as the President voyaged by motorcade through Dealey Plaza in the town of Dallas, Texas. Fort Worth is the 16th-largest metropolitan what is located in the United States and the 5th largest city in the state of Texas.

On 25th November, 1975, Suriname gained freedom from the Netherlands. Suriname is officially called the Republic of Suriname. This is an independent state what is located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. This is surrounded by Guyana to the west, French Guiana to the east and Brazil to the south.

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